Learn How to Alter Yourself as You Need to Grow in Today’s Interconnected and Global World

Self -Awareness helps you access opportunities, make better decisions in life. However, learning
how to alter yourself to different situations with different characters is essential in order to adapt
to social factors and manage your opportunities. Explore yourself and learn how to play the game
you desire and start living the life you want.

Transcendence Course

What You Are Going to Learn

  • Recovery of willpower through further discoveries into self - integrity
    Identity the challenges that can be created due to the stiffness of characters and learn to look
    at it from multiple perspectives

  • Assess self-characters that are used for dealing with different situation that eventually lead to
    making major decisions

  • Discover the impact of self-characters and learn how to alter them

  • Learn instinctive approaches that allow you to think from one step farther

About the Transcendence Course

The Transcendence Course is the highest level of all four courses available in the Mind
Engineering Program (SBMP). It opens its doors only twice a year, and continues for seven days.
As the course starts, you will learn the details from how different characters are used in different
situations to altering your characters in your desired way. What makes this round of
Transcendence Course even more special is that this is the first every Online Transcendence
Course! So grab your chance to choose your game today.

Who will benefit


Early Adapters

Learn more about the flexibility of human consciousness; and realize the unlimited possibilities of your subconscious mind so that you can adapt to the environment of today’s fast changing world.

Business Persons

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to operate your business and most importantly how to efficiently manage your team of people.


Establish instinctive approaches and works into navigating the complex of human mind. Gain the eyes that see through the surface for a deeper analysis of situations.

How is it done?

The Transcendence Course consists of approximately 70 hours of both guided and self trainings.
You will need to attend the course at designated time from anywhere in the world.

July 2020

Length: 7 Days

Program Dates: TBC

Cost: $ 7,500

Application Deadline: 3 days before the course starts


September 2020

Length: 7 Days

Program Dates: TBC

Cost: $ 7,500

Application Deadline: 3 days before the course starts


November 2020

Length: 7 Days

Program Dates: TBC

Cost: $ 7,500

Application Deadline: 3 days before the course starts


Expected Results

Learning requirements: In order to earn the certificate of course completion, attendees must complete all steps and exercises of the course and submit their checklist.


Understanding on each dimension of the consciousness


Profound understanding on identity.


Better management of life.


Achieve the state of higher self.


The ultimate SBMP

MES Online Advantages

  • World class programs

  • From-where-you-are learning

  • Global learning experience

  • Experience-oriented learning

The MES Online Transcendence course offers a unique and real learning experience. Immerse
yourself in discovering different aspects of yourself and learn how to adapt to different situations
in different ways. Learn how to step into other people’s shoes and think from multi-dimensional
perspectives while engaging with many fellow students from around the world.


Stories From Our Learners

"HBS Online was an invaluable and essential education. The information provided, the quality of presentation, and the high-level engagement among students surpassed my expectations."

Rick Corbett,
Harvard Law School, 2015


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Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to join the course at a set time and location? How does the course work? You may have a few questions at this point, we’ve got all the answers you need.


Enrollment Eligibility

Our easy application is free and no documents are needed. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age (prior arrangement may be needed if under 18) and must be a MES Instructor Course
Graduate, and open to engaging with other fellow students.


Get certified as a Transcendence Master


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