Programs Module

An experience - oriented program

MES Online offers a unique and experience - oriented way to learn about your subconscious mind. Our programs are designed to bring insights to you, and are built with three key factors: real, case-by-case, and applicable.

Here’s what it means:


MES Online courses are nothing like the typical get-hyped-up spiritual course. 

You’ll associate with a new activity in every step for - thinking intentionally,

problem-solving, self-discovery and etc, where you are guided with detailed

and real steps to realizing it. Each element is designed to keep you excited,

curious, and easy to follow.


Every person is unique in their own way. Lessons are brought to you on

case-by-case basis, which put you in the best position to deal with your

issues. Handle the exact challenges you are facing. As you discuss and

explore with your instructors, you will learn the concepts in a easy way.


Making the lessons applicable anywhere is what makes the MES Online unique. You exchange ideas, make input, and seek multiple perspectives with a group of learners gathered from around the world. In the process, you learn from each other’s sharings and

view points, and leave the program with a handful of real and applicable lessons. 


Case by case



Exercise and Practice

At MES Online, exercises and experiences are real because:-

  • During the Course: Learn the skills needed

  • Outside the Course: Practice the made-applicable tools anytime from anywhere

As life is full of changes, it is important to know how to adapt to it without resisting.

You can do so by continuously carrying out a routine take or practice that is made easy and doable in the
SBMP. All exercises in the program are effect - proven and efficient but most importantly made flexible so that
it is applicable to your everyday life.