• Vinodhini

Time and tide waits for no man

“Time and tide waits for no man.” This expression has existed since at least the 1200s. One of the earliest uses is from St. Marher in 1225. This quote is another way to say that the passing of time is unstoppable, and it will march on regardless of what anyone says or does.

When was the last time you pursued a course you wanted? When was the last time you went for a makeover? When was the last time you took action to change your life? When was the last time you put on your tracking shoes and went for that walk? Maybe you initially feel fired up by the thought of your new gym schedule or chasing after your dream job and as routine sets in, going to the gym may suddenly feel like too much of an effort, or the thought of studying or looking for a new job could feel like a bigger task that you originally thought it would be, as a result you may allow the comfort of ‘familiarity’ to take over. It’s at this point that some may believe that it’s easier to stick with their old ways, instead of pushing through their boundaries and so they may make an excuse to do just that.

Instead of making changes they may subconsciously create excuses. Excuses may make them feel better about not taking action and can form the story of ‘why we can’t have what we want’ and holds them back from going after it.

The reason why we make up excuses:

1) The fear of change

2) The fear of failure

3) The fear of not knowing what to expect

4) The “What ifs”

5) you don’t have a specific goal

6) you think you lack the resources

7) you compare yourself with others

8) you are protecting your identity

Without experience and perspective, people often make assumptions or jump to conclusions about possible outcomes that could negatively impact them. In time of doubt, if you are not sure what to do, push yourself forward to pursue what you are resisting to do.

As gruelling as it might be, pushing and breaking through the barriers will be rewarding. You may be so stubborn and set in your ways that you tell yourself you’re unable to change. But when you think about it, is it that you can't change or you don't want to change? Yes, making changes takes effort and commitment and it can be very difficult.

If you just become defeated about an aspect of your personality without even attempting to change it, then you are just making excuses to stay complacent. So, why are all of these things bad? Aside from the fact that they are probably not true statements when you say them or when you think them out loud, they are causing you to limit yourself.

It is time to get rid of those excuses and start executing what you intend to do. “Time and tide waits for no man.” Having this in mind, we should ask ourselves this valuable question. “If I were to die tomorrow, what will I be remembered for? What is the legacy that I am going to leave behind? Have I fulfilled my duty and responsibility for myself?”.

With this, put on the character of a doer and start executing your actions. Break free from the shackles of limitation and go full force, with determination to pursue what you set your heart to do.

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