• Vinodhini

There are eyes watching

If you bend your back to be liked by those benefit from the lack of your boundaries and your carelessness, the others lose out too. My mentor once taught me this in my early years of career. It is a valuable lesson, but it’s nailed to my subconscious mind.

“It’s ok to lose 10 to benefit 100. If you are willing to hold on to the 10 because of your fear of letting go and being hated, you will hurt the 100. Now that action of you not willing to let go, will be deemed unethical.”

In any aspects of life, the key is to be respected (not liked). If you don’t have haters, you are not doing it right honey. Go forward. Do what is right instead of what is convenient. With time, your integrity will speak in volumes.

From time to time, if you want your roses to bloom, you will need to pluck out the weeds.

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