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The partnership between Resistance and Growth

Resistance is the catalyst for growth. Resistance and growth are two sides of the same coin. Many of us live in dualities.

1) The life we aspire to have

2) The reality of our situation

Resistance is an active and relentless force whose sole purpose is to stop you from becoming your best self and from achieving your higher goals. It’s your job is to figure out and decide what helps you evolve.

“Resistance will tell you anything to keep you from taking action. It will fabricate, falsify; seduce, bully, and convince you to give up and stay comortable.”

Steven Pressfield says “resistance by definition is self-sabotage”. In The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles.

The biology behind the resistance

Your amygdala is the reason for every resistance you feel. The amygdala is the pre-historic portion of your brain, located near the brain stem.

It’s the part of the limbic system which is responsible for processing your emotions. It’s responsible for fear and anger and revenge and sex and survival. When the amygdala is aroused, when it feels threatened, when there’s a sense that people might actually laugh at you, it takes over. It rises up in rage and fear and shuts you down. This part of the brain allows you to react to a threat in an immediate and automatic way, without the rest of the brain processing information.

How? For starters, by letting go of your need to be perfect at everything you do. Find something so important that it is worth enraging your prehistoric fears. Start taking action now notwithstanding what your “survival instincts” tells you to do. You are good enough to begin anything you expect of yourself.

We are not exempted from the consequences of our decisions. To weigh and decide, a better risk is an crisis management skill.

Being clear about your actions but through brevity, not using complicated language, and when in doubt about a binary decision, making a decision is often better than doing nothing. Clarity also means being clear about the objectives or plans for your situation. Like they say, follow your heart but take your brain with you.

Many of the challenges we face are complex adaptive problems, meaning that by trying to solve these problems we change the nature of the problem itself. An Agile mindset helps to easily overcome obstacles and not get stuck when unexpected events happen. If this understanding is not there, then fixed-mindset kicks in where there is a fear of failure. So, where is your plan B?

Success is less dependent on the hand you are dealt and more dependent on how you play the hand.

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