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SBMP & amp; Depression

It was a normal day like others, a teenager returned home happily from school. As she

opened the door, her mom rushed out, hugged her tightly while crying. The mom was

overwhelmed with worries that the child would get into various horrible accidents, and then

die out of a sudden. The teenager was shocked, did not know what to do, and she too got

worried, broke down together with her mom.

This is not a story, it’s a real life situation, it happens around us.

Depression is around us, according to research, approximately 2 in 10 adults has depression,

and females have a higher risk of getting depression compared to men ( ). There are

different types of depression, various therapies, and medical ways to treat depression.

In the current society, most people are solution-based, we focus on efficiency, we want

immediate results, and most of the time we tend to neglect or suppress the importance of

our basic emotions and basic senses. People who struggle with depression often require

long term medical and psychological support. While medication does play a role in

stabilizing our mood and being less reactive; Psychological approaches help in looking into

our thoughts and behaviour. People have been looking for a lot of various approaches to

speed up the process of healing, or at least to help them feel better about themselves while

going through psychological treatment for depression. Some of the popular approaches

include art therapy, yoga, meditation, diet change, changing vibrations and energy, etc.

However, one question we have to ask ourselves is whether we are handling the matter at

the depth of its root or just merely managing the symptoms at its surface.

We all need a safe environment, a place that we can feel and experience our thoughts and

emotions, to cry and to embrace ourselves, with no judgements, no self criticism, and to tell

ourselves everything will be ok. And there is a safe environment here..

In SBMP, we provide a safe environment, to encourage our students to feel and experience

their thoughts and emotions, and with our proven method we can assist to find and

examine the root cause of each thoughts, in order to remove and manage the unwanted

thoughts. All these can be self-conducted with proper guidance from certified instructors.

Emotions are something that can’t be ignored, we may be numb to our own feelings, but

somehow, our subconscious mind knows, and it remembers, which actually leads to the

repetitive events, behaviors and experiences in life. Throughout the SBMP course, we teach

our students skills and methods that are applicable for daily life, we encourage them to

take the lead, and become the origin of their own life.

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