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On the first Monday of the year

On the first Monday of the year, I looked back at my previous year resolutions, and I found a

special huge breakthrough that I had achieved in 2020. It is interesting how decisions and

intentions can change our life, and how dots can be connected together, and for this I am

really thankful to SBMP, Jun and Liz.

At the early of 2020, I still remember feeling a bit lost, and unsure of my life purpose. I was

having pretty bad eczema, it covered my chest, my arms, my legs, and it had gone up to my

chin, and my eyes were slightly swollen. And at that point of time, I had pretty tried

everything that I could, conventional and non conventional. I had went to 3 different skin

specialists, I took up different types of supplements for a period of 3 months each, i

changed my diet to vegan for 3 months, and i went to try different types of essential oil,

flower oil, energy cleansing crystal oils, and even to the psychiatrist when all didn’t work

out. The cost of such has gone up to approximately 15,000USD.

Most of you may or may not know it is actually an autoimmune system disease, the immune

system cannot identify the difference between the normal cells and foreign cells and cause

the body immune to attack the normal cells. Doctors would usually prescribe medicines for

reducing the inflammation, steroids, and a change of diet, or maybe some vitamin jab to

help out with solving the systems.

While from a mental health point of view, it could be due to long term stress, sleep cycles,

and also diet. Spiritually, some would say autoimmune disorder happens also when we are

in stressful struggles of life, hanging on to the past, which is causing the fight in the body.

Various articles share about the brain-gut connection, which shows how our mind and brain

can affect our tummy and the digestive system, this also explains why when certain people

are nervous they get certain tummy aches etc. The digestive system is also known for

digesting emotions, which explains why people with constipation are caused by suppression

of emotions.

However, even through understanding all of these, and meeting a psychiatrist I was unable

to find out solution, I tried homeopathy remedies, constant exercises, it made me feel

better, but at the same time there were pulses growing out of my body.

I joined the SBMP journey with an intention to earn more money, and to connect with

people to grow my business. But little did I know, I had gained more than I looked for. After

a month joining SBMP, and also practising on the tools, my eczema cured unexpectedly.

Before, I always had that impression that I was emotionally healthy, and I was just probably

facing some work stress and the environment, dust mites etc was the cause of my eczema,

but only after the SBMP journey, i realised that the main cause was the suppression of


A lot of the time, we are afraid of looking into ourselves, we judge ourselves the most, and

we think that emotions make us weak, and it’s an obstruction towards success. But

throughout this, I actually found out that it’s the emotions that make us become what we

are, and through understanding an embracement makes us stronger. Thank you to the

SBMP journey, which actually encouraged me to go further, and look into myself. Life will

always be filled with ups and downs, there is always a point that I thought I could never get

through, but throughout learning how to handle and erasing my thoughts in SBMP, I not

only healed my eczema and became a better person too.

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