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New Year resolutions: - Behavioral change

Each year we start our new year with resolutions, with high hopes and dreams on what we

want to achieve. According to research 1 , only 40% of people are able to sustain their new

year resolutions after 6 months, and only 20% of dieters are able to maintain long term

weight loss.

There are many ways that can be applied in order to focus on achieving goals, from small

actions such as doing daily habit change, setting alarms to wake up early or to maintain

consistent bedtime, changing priorities, rewarding ourselves with gifts when we hit a

milestone or owning up to punishments when we cannot reach our goals; while some

others may have therapies, or attend courses, programmes, etc. There are therapies which

are helpful to identify certain thoughts and behavior, and to reflect on how changing our

thoughts, priorities and behavior can help us to realign our actions with our targets, such as

the cognitive behavioral therapy, or gifts and punishments to motivate ourselves and so on.

However, there are still days that we may wake up in the blue, or times certain issues and

moods kick in, and we drop back to our previous self and old behavior.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton 2 , our subconscious mind and behavior are formed in the first 7

years of our lives, after that we tend to react in certain ways, and as we age, we tend to

even go into autopilot mode, every sentence and every action we do seems to be done

consciously, but in fact it is all based on our memories in the past. In SBMP we provide

certain tools which allow our students to consciously time travel back to the core event, and

find out the reasons where certain decisions were made, and why we react in certain ways.

Through reawakening our innate ability to be able to feel and understand how these are

connected, and how they have affected us throughout our living years, we will be able to

make our new life choices to restart again.

1, J C Norcross  1 , A C Ratzin, D Payne


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