• Vinodhini

Changing lives, Changing mindset and aspiring to grow!

“Every teacher was once a student”, is a powerful and relatable quote. That too, reminds me of my journey of receiving this from my mentors, Liz and Jun. There was a point in my life where I struggled with anger management issues. I was over eating to compensate for the negative feelings I was dwelling in. I felt comfortable being obese. I had no desire to improve and had a victim mindset. Success was a distant dream.

Though I was reading self-development books, did meditations, yoga and self-care rituals, it never felt enough. I began to understand then deeper meaning of Breaking through our mind and limitations. We all need a coach / mentor to help us see through our little creation in our own universe. I met Liz. My mindset and life transformed gradually. Each time, I break through layers, I found my truest self. Even more deeply, I stopped self-sabotaging myself in the name of “comfort”.

Change requires hard work. Nothing comes easy and served in a silver platter. Going through a mindset change is even more challenging (been there and still doing it!). The kind of creations, decisions and action we take affects the quality of life and the relationship we have with our family, relationship and colleagues.

Today, at this very moment, I am humbled to be able to help and guide others break through their own limitation and creations. It is not possible without the guidance of the senior instructors and

mentor, Liz. Even though, I tried to quit and run away as facing my own truth became harder. I am glad I was able to stay through and trust the process of guidance and teaching.

I am humbled to be an instructor with SBMP. This is where my heart aligned to. To help others break through their own limitations and to succeed in their career and personal lives. To be able understand someone pain because I’ve been through it. To remind them of their potential and strength to find their truest calling in life.

There is no succession without hardwork. There is no transformation with quick-fix solutions. It’s persistence and trust that will help you get through adversities and limitations. It is hard, it will be gruelling and there will be moments of giving up. But remember, why you wanted to start it in the first place. Transformation is a beautiful process. It’s never ending (till the day you die).

Agility, resilience and commitment is required for transformation. Setting new intentions alone, is not a complete work. Be willing to clean the dust and dirt from your own mind. The clearer your mind, it will start reflecting in your appearance, relationship with others and quality of life. Thank you for Xmas gift, Liz!

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