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We need your help

By gathering information, case studies and most common situations we have been in during our student creation process from start to end.

We need to gather all those information so we can create a fixed sales system/guide that can be used my every instructor and sales person in our team.

Please mention every case you have been in, failed meeting, failed closing, successful meeting, successful closing, how do you get your prospects, and ways that worked and/or did not work in every step on the way.

Your help is appreciated and it will help all of us grow and create more students.

This will help us and open the chance for us to start using our second new system which is under-construction as we speak;
" Remote Sales Teams"

More information will follow soon

Please submit as many forms as possible, each form for a different experience you have.
With our shared stories we can learn from each other and make a rock-solid sales system that we can easily and successfully use

Experience Sharing 
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