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General Questions

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How are MES Online courses delivered?

Do I need to register physically to attend MES Online courses?

Do I need to join the MES Online course at fixed times?

 I am not sure which course is right for me, how should I decide?

Are MES Online programs available in others languages besides English?

Can I go ahead of other participants’ pace?

Do I need to make any additional purchase such as textbooks?

Technical Needs

How do I access the MES Online course?

 Is there any technical requirement?


How do I enroll in a course?

Will I have MES Online participant privileges?


What are the academic requirements in order to complete a MES Online course successfully?

What do I receive after completing the course?


What is included in the Course Fee(s)?

Can somebody pay for the course on my behalf?

  What are the cancellation and refund policies?

MES Online for Companies or Organizations

Can the purchase be under a company’s name?

Can contracts (if any) be customized or amended after it has been signed?

How long does it take to enter into Private Coaching contract?

What happens at the end of the Private Coaching Program?

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