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General Questions

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How are MES Online courses delivered?

Real Time Courses on the Mind Engineering Online

Mind Engineering Online is a course designed to deliver the course experience in the SBMP in a digital environment. Participants from around the world can attend concurrently and in live (real-time), where our experience-oriented sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis. The sessions are conducted via Zoom, where up to 25 participants are displayed in one frame at the same time.

Do I need to register physically to attend MES Online courses?

No, all of our MES ONLINE courses are available 100 percent online, and do not require any physical registration. All steps are available online from start to finish. However, some courses may happen concurrently in one of our many courses worldwide).

Do I need to join the MES Online course at fixed times?

For our experience-oriented programs in the MES Online courses, there are certain class times that are fixed. All learning happens during the time frame and it is recommended that you attend the full course without pausing for three days. However, you may contact your respective instructor for an exceptional arrangement if needed.

 I am not sure which course is right for me, how should I decide?

Please look at our programs that provide details and facts on how people benefited greatly from each and every course

Are MES Online programs available in others languages besides English?

We offer our courses in multiple languages such as English, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and Korea and expect to deliver in additional languages in the near future.

Can I go ahead of other participants’ pace?

In all courses and programs, new sessions start on a regular and fixed schedule. You will need to complete sessions within the pre-set timeframes since there are many important elements and factor that require certain progress at similar pace.

Do I need to make any additional purchase such as textbooks?

No, your course fees cover all the materials including your textbooks and there is no need to make any purchase just to be able to attend the course.

Technical Needs

How do I access the MES Online course?

Your respective instructor will walk you through the steps once you are enrolled as a student. You will thus receive al information needed for accessing the programs and courses on the start date.

 Is there any technical requirement?

No, all you need is a laptop.


How do I enroll in a course?

All courses require a simple step of registration prior to the start. All steps of registration are available online.


The simple step of registration is for us to understand you better, so rest assured you will soon be on board.

Will I have MES Online participant privileges?

You will be invited to the Company’s offline events, with just a few qualifications.


What are the academic requirements in order to complete a MES Online course successfully?

What are the academic requirements in order to complete a MES Online course successfully?


Currently we do not have any learning requirements as to academic achievement but if you would like to submit more information, please do so upon registration and state your details in the e-registration form.

What do I receive after completing the course?

Upon smooth and successful completion of the MES Online course (terms and conditions apply), students receive a Certificate of Completion.


They are deliver through email.


What is included in the Course Fee(s)?

Fees you pay represent the tuition for your MES Online courses. There are no additional fees or charges to attend the course you have applied and paid for.

Can somebody pay for the course on my behalf?

Yes, at payment page, it is possible to pay for someone else or have somebody pay for you on behalf. Just mention your name and the student’s name if someone else is paying. Regardless of who makes the payment, MES Online must receive full payment for your course before enrollment due date.

  What are the cancellation and refund policies?

Please view our Cancelation and Refund page for details.

MES Online for Companies or Organizations

Can the purchase be under a company’s name?

Invoices can be issued under company name.

Can contracts (if any) be customized or amended after it has been signed?

In most cases, contracts can be customized but such requests are not always allowed. Edits, additional/modified amendment are generally now allowed after signing. Contract terms for Private Coaching is normally to a maximum of one year and are governed by the law(s) of Malaysia.

How long does it take to enter into Private Coaching contract?

Normally, once an agreement has been reached on coaching plans, agreements (contracts) can be drafted and reviewed for finalization within one to two weeks. However, modifications will extend the preparation term.

What happens at the end of the Private Coaching Program?



MES Online will provide you with a final process and growth report upon completion of the Private Coaching (maturity of the contracted term).

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